BI Puntastic T-Shirt
BI Puntastic T-Shirt

BI Puntastic T-Shirt

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BI PUNS SHIRT, text reads as follows:


What do I mean bi that?  Well...
They're Bi-utiful, and they will make you Bi-FURIOUS.
Am I taking you bi surprise?
What can I say? I'm Biconic.
That's all from me, bi!

...look, I had to bi this shirt, just let me live.

Wait, where are you going?
I don't want to be bi myself..."


All proceeds go towards safer space gayming for the LGBTQ2S+ community with Toronto Gaymers and we graciously thank you for your support!

Please note that some items will be made to order, we kindly appreciate your patience with our hard working volunteers! :)